Survey Participation

Empowering our clients with the right data to deliver meaningful results

Getting Started

Participation is free! And facilitated through a simple data submission process, as outlined below.

Through your continued participation, we are able to keep our database robust with relevant and accurate total rewards information, so our participants are armed with reliable insights to make informed decisions. User access will be required to participate and submit data, and for accessing survey results when ready for distribution.

Before logging on, you may wish to reserve 2021 survey results now or completed as part of the survey submission steps.

2021 Canadian Salary Surveys

Survey Live:
March 17th

Survey Due:
June 21st


Why you should participate

  1. 1. Pay Fairness: effectively manage, mitigate risk and communicate pay
  2. 2. Defensible Data: accessibility to up-to date reliable data to guide informed decision making
  3. 3. Consistent Transparency: ability to keep a constant pulse to your comparator market
  4. 4. Talent Management: administer pay that attracts, retains and rewards key talent
  5. 5. Total rewards: design a cohesive package aligning all employee elements

Survey participation steps:

STEP 1: Create a user profile

If you are a first time participant then you will need to create a user profile. Once requested, our team will notify you via email with additional account information to help you get started.

STEP 2: Survey access

Once you have your account information (i.e. username and password) or are a returning participant, you will log on to the secure site by clicking on data submission (located at the top). Input your information and click on “Log in".

STEP 3: Select survey type(s) and download package

Review and follow through on each of the steps indicated on the secure site. As you select your survey type(s) and download the forms for completion, we encourage you to take the time to review the survey guidebook to become familiar with data being collected and the accepted format to populate your form(s) with.

STEP 4: Compile, upload and submit

Gather up-to date employee information (as of April 1st 2021) and populate data form(s), ensuring you are inputting correctly based on each respective form column. Save your populated data form(s) and follow the steps online to locate and upload to the survey site.

You can view your submission for accuracy, should you need to re-upload you can do so and override your initial file upload.

STEP 5: Employer Practice Questionnaire

Complete our simplified employers’ practice questionnaire, collecting key benefits, perquisites and other HR metrics data. To access the form, click on the link provided under this step and click “submit” once done online.

STEP 6: Select Purchase Option

As a participant or even as a non-participant you have the option to select as many survey reports as you wish. Organizations submitting compensation forms this year, will receive a participant discount.

To view 2021 pricing and to pre-order click here. Billing will occur at the time of survey release in the fall 2021.

2021 Canadian Salary Survey Timeline

Our survey timing is meant to collect, analyze and share results in a time efficient manner to allow you the time to review and plan accordingly.

Here is the overall survey timeline...