A Snapshot of Canada's Current Economic and Human Capital Trends

July 3, 2020

Summary of 2020 Spring Flash Compensation Update Survey

The results included within this summary are based on over 400 participants in the 2020 Spring Flash Compensation Update Survey. Survey submissions were collected between May and June 2020. The focus of this report is on the impact COVID-19 has had on key Total Rewards Programs, as well as human capital management strategies in use in today's workplace. We have also compared some factors to Flash Surveys from previous years to determine the relative impact on economic and human capital strategies.

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2020 Base Salary Adjustments

Average Annual Base Salary Adjustments – By Industry

IT Services
Financial Services
Energy/Energy Services

Economic Environment

Spring 2020 vs Spring 2019 Economic Environment
**2019 decline numbers were not categorized to the specificity as 2020, therefore they are presented as the moderate category in this report.

The chart above contrasts the economic outlook from Spring 2020 against Spring 2019. Key trends include:

  • In 2019, 57% of organizations across Canada experienced significant growth across Canada, a far cry away from the 4% of organizations expecting growth in 2020.

  • 38% of organizations have indicated moderate decline in 2020 opposed to 3% in 2019.

  • Overall, an unprecedented 71% of participants indicated some level of economic decline in 2020. This has been likened to the "Great Depression of the 1930s," although the current situation is not expected to have the same long-term impact.
Human Capital Practices

Human Capital Practices - Full 2020 Breakdown
Human Capital Practices have changed drastically in the first half of 2020. Key trends include:

  • Overall, organizations are tending to implement freezes across multiple categories. Collectively, organizations are "waiting to see" when there is a return to normality or until they have developed new strategies to adjust to the new environment.

  • The decrease in hours of work (35%), and the number of employees (35%) are significant, and can be viewed as a direct response to the need to protect employees from the virus as well as the slowing economy.

  • The reduction in the number of new grads/interns (22%) indicates a general slowdown and uncertainty about the future.

  • The Construction industry continues to invest in labour as organizations are increasing spending on Training Budget and taking on a larger Number of Grads.
Additional/Hazard Pay

Additional/Hazard Pay (Applicable)
Additional/Hazard Pay (Considering)
Additional Compensation Summary:

  • The average cash Incentive that is a flat dollar amount is $16.16 per day.

  • The average cash incentive for other than flat dollar amount is 15% of the employee's wages.

  • Average premium tied to shifts and hours worked is $1.46/hr.
Human Capital Cost Management Strategies – 2020 Industry Breakdown

Human Capital Cost Management Strategies – 2020 Industry Breakdown
The review of Human Capital Cost Management Strategies indicate there are several industry sectors that have differing approaches regarding how they are implemented during the pandemic. Key highlights include:

  • Most rollbacks – Energy/Energy Services (35% executive and 25% non-executive) and Logistics/Transportation/Distribution (35% executive and 18% non-executive).

  • Most layoffs – Construction (38% permanent and 51% temporary) and Energy/Energy Services (30% permanent and 43% temporary).

  • Least rollbacks – Healthcare (<1% executive and 4% non-executive) and Financial Services (8% executive and 4% non-executive).

  • Least layoffs – Healthcare (8% permanent and 23% temporary) and Retail (6% permanent and 30% temporary).
Actions Organizations Will Take Post COVID-19

Actions Organizations Will Take Post COVID-19
The graph above, displaying the several actions organizations will take as they emerge from COVID-19, shows that there are some organizational practices that remain a larger priority than others. Highlights include:

  • The vast majority of organizations across all industries expect to:
    • increase safety standards while employing sanitary measures around the work space
    • increase the availability of technology and equipment for a more flexible work arrangement
    • develop better business continuity plans
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February 19, 2020

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