Our Compensation Consulting Team

Our Morneau Shepell Compensation Consulting Team is comprised of talented and passionate individuals located across Canada. We are committed towards building long lasting relationships and providing customized solutions that will allow our clients to be successful today and for future.

Contact a member of our team directly for questions or more information:

Ontario – Toronto

Anand Parsan,
Partner and National Practice Leader, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 416-409-3629 | Email: aparsan@morneaushepell.com

Fuad Karimli,
Senior Consultant, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 437-703-8448 | Email: fkarimli@morneaushepell.com

Audia Bacchas,
Associate Consultant, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 437-703-8331 | Email: abacchas@morneaushepell.com

To contact Admin:

Veronica Chiu,
Administrative Assistant, Compensation Consulting
Tel: (437) 703-9550
Email: vchiu@morneaushepell.com

Quebec – Montreal

Guylaine Béliveau,
Principal, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 514-289-7206 | Email: gbeliveau@morneaushepell.com

Jocelyn Archetto,
Principal, Retirement Solutions & Compensation Consulting Practice
Tel: 450-736-4172 | Email: jarchetto@morneaushepell.com

West – British Columbia

Reena Paul,
Senior Compensation Consultant, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 604-449-6207 | Email: rpaul@morneaushepell.com

West – Alberta
To contact a Consultant:

Nora Sargent,
Principal, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 587-434-9118 | Email: nsargent@morneaushepell.com

Ashley Sassano,
Compensation Consultant, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 403-355-3716 | Email: asassano@morneaushepell.com

Ravi Chung,
Compensation Consultant, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 403-355-3718 | Email: rachung@morneaushepell.com

Vadim Baruzdin,
Associate Consultant, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 403-355-3713 | Email: vbaruzdin@morneaushepell.com

Shayne McKinley,
Analyst, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 403-355-3712 | Email: smckinley@morneaushepell.com

To contact a Consultant:

Nick Sayer,
Analyst, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 403-355-3710 | Email: nsayer@morneaushepell.com

To contact Admin:

Jenn Phillips,
Compensation Coordinator, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 403-355-3708 | Email: jphillipsperez@morneaushepell.com

To contact Technical Support:

Jae Ahn,
Senior Systems Coordinator, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 403-355-3709 | Email: jahn@morneaushepell.com

Stephan Baek,
IT & System Analyst, Compensation Consulting
Tel: 403-355-3728 | Email: sbaek@morneaushepell.com

General/Survey Inquiries

Tel: 1-877-264-5166 | Email: wynford@morneaushepell.com | Tech Support: techsupportwynford@morneaushepell.com