Performance Accountability

What Is It?

An innovative performance management process to:

  • Align departments and individual performance accountability with organizational goals
  • Support the use of consistent measurement of performance against accountability
  • Increase communication and productivity
  • Link rewards to mission critical performance
Why Performance Accountability?

  • It is more than a measurement process, it's a leadership imperative
  • Provides the connective tissue between vision and reality ... strategy and output
  • It enables synergies and alignment across departments
  • It creates focus and accountability
  • It improves communication and commitment
  • Above all, it enables the organization to meet business goals

Based On Goal Alignment

Performance Accountability Process

Performance Accountability Features

It is a flexible web-based performance management tool to enable employees and supervisors to:

  • Aligns accountabilities from top to bottom of the organization through cascading goals and metrics
  • Clarifies role and performance expectations and supports the identification of effective metrics and encourages high levels of performance
  • Assesses both Results and Process
  • Additional features:
  • Online Multi Rater feature
  • Development and Succession modules
  • Easily customized to your organization's needs