Executive Compensation

Strategic Backdrop

Executive compensation is under both intense scrutiny and major change. As a result, organizations require strategically aligned, straightforward customized advice. The executive compensation team at the Wynford Group are the go-to counsel for many leading Canadian organizations for exactly that reason. Using a combination of deep experience, constant research, market sensing, proprietary market database, sound governance practices and specialized tools, the Wynford Executive Compensation consultants provide direct advice and customized solutions for your executive and director compensation requirements.

Our Goal

At Wynford, our goal is to help you to ensure that your Executives are appropriately paid, aligned with the business strategy and compelled to stay with your organization and make a major contribution to its success. Our assistance, your Executive compensation package will act as a strategic business tool to maximize your business outcomes through your focused, motivated executive talent.

Our Services

Our Executive and Director Compensation Services include:

  • Base Salary Structure and Benchmarking
  • Short and Medium-Term Incentive Plan Assessment and Design
  • Long-Term Incentive Plan Assessment and Design
  • Total Compensation Strategy and Assessment
  • Peer Group Identification
  • Stock Ownership Strategy and Plans
  • Executive Performance Planning and Agreements
  • Directors Compensation Arrangements
  • Merger and Acquisition Compensation due diligence
  • Executive and Director Compensation Database
Customized Strategic Tools

We have been creating customized incentive solutions for many years but never more than in the last few years. We have been working with organizations to provide them with a quiver of incentive tools. This has positioned them to retain key staff even during slow markets and attract critical talent as the competition for executives heats up again. By introducing creative elements such as partial deferrals, medium-term plans, performance vesting, etc., Wynfords Executive Compensation team have helped to strengthen the pay-performance linkage while also enhancing the alignment with shareholder value. While we work in many Western Canadian industries we are noted experts in:

  • Construction/Engineering
  • Energy and Industrial Services
  • Natural Resources and
  • Technology
Partner with Wynford

We have developed strong relationships with Compensation/HR Committees and Senior Management teams over the years that have allowed us to provide sound advice that contributed to their success. If you would like learn more about how to enhance the effectiveness of your Executive and/or Director compensation offering contact consulting@wynfordgroup.com.