COMPASS® Custom Reports

Use The Tool Our Analysts Use!

One of the greatest features of Wynford Survey data is access to our COMPASS® Custom Report tool. We have provided a unique way for you and your organization to compare your information to the market - steering you in the right direction.

Access to our COMPASS custom report tool comes standard with the purchase of any of our surveys.

Create You Own Report

The Wynford Group developed COMPASS® to complement our standard reports with a bespoke data tool. Along with graphing capabilities, COMPASS® allows users to compare their own data against the market and perform data breakouts on fields and variables as required.

Do your own analysis

  • Cut datasets by industry, location, and revenue size or any combination therein
  • Choose specific market comparator groups
  • Create targeted data segments and combinations
  • Compare your data against the market, with your data excluded
  • Ability to perform year-over-year analysis
  • Graphing capability