"The Wynford Survey found resourceful solutions to our challenges, providing sound methodology and effective tools to help us establish and maintain a competitive compensation system."

Rose Mary Holland, Retired VP of Alberta Motor Association

Our Mission and Vision

The Wynford Group was born from the idea that innovative and customized HR solutions have the power to transform organizations. Founded by Gail Evans in 1991, the Wynford Group focuses on identifying your success drivers and aligning your human capital with them through Total Rewards. Using an integrated approach to HR consulting, we employ the most up to date market information to help attract and retain people with the right competencies and motivate them to create lasting success for your organization.

Client As Partners

Understanding your organization strengthens our industry trends and compensation information. By focusing on direct interactions and customized strategies, you get results that really work for your organization.

Transformative Information

Our goal is to help you make human capital decisions that increase productivity and engagement in your workforce. We provide more than market data; we interpret current trends and create leading edge Total Rewards strategies.

Local Context

Coming from our deep knowledge of the Canadian compensation landscape, rooted in Western Canada, we understand how important regional and industry context is to effective HR solutions.

Our Services

Surveys / Market Information

  • Canadian Salary Surveys, one of Canada's most comprehensive suites of Salary and Compensation surveys

  • Annual surveys encompass all compensation needs including base salaries, incentives, allowances, and benefits

  • Detailed annual information for all industries and major centres across Canada including Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax

  • COMPASS custom report tool allows you to select your choice of location, revenue, industry, and to compare your data to your peer group

  • Over 25 years of Total Rewards and HR consulting experience and access to our robust national compensation and HR practices database ensure you get the best information

  • Customized Incentive plan review and design to retain an effective workforce in the continuing dynamic environment

  • Custom Market Surveys and market pricing to develop and support your Total Rewards strategies

  • Executive Compensation and Board Remuneration Reviews

Consulting Services

Infrastructure Tools and Processes

  • Take the stress out of building Total Rewards infrastructure by using our HR Konnectz web-based tools

  • Job Profiling tool that is quick and easy to develop and update customized job descriptions

  • Accountability Banding job evaluation software that is unbiased, pay equity compliant, and simple to use

  • Performance Accountability software that supports clear measurement of performance against accountability metrics