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We are conducting this brief survey to keep you up to date on the latest HR trends. Please take a few minutes to complete the questions below by November 30th. The complete report will be issued to all participants by Dec 2020 and a summary report published on The Wynford Group's Website.

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A. Economic Environment

1. Next 6 Months: How do you view your company's position, given the current economic environment, over the next six months?

2. What % of employees will likely receive a base salary increase in 2021?
Executive %  
Salaried %  
Union %  

B. Projections

1. Please provide your 2021 projected average base salary and salary range changes for each of the relevant locations below:
(Please enter only numeric values in the fields below)

Location Base Salary % Salary Freeze Salary Range % Range Freeze
Vancouver   %   %
Victoria   %   %
Kelowna   %   %
Fort St. John (Northern BC)   %   %
BC   %   %
Calgary   %   %
Edmonton   %   %
Fort McMurray   %   %
Grande Prairie (Northern Alberta)   %   %
Northern Canada   %   %
Alberta   %   %
Saskatoon   %   %
Regina   %   %
Saskatchewan   %   %
Winnipeg   %   %
Manitoba   %   %
Toronto (GTA)   %   %
Thunder Bay/Sudbury (Northern Ontario)   %   %
Southern Ontario (excluding GTA)   %   %
Ottawa   %   %
Ontario   %   %
Montreal   %   %
Quebec City   %   %
Quebec   %   %
Halifax   %   %
St John's (Newfoundland)   %   %
Moncton/Fredericton   %   %
St John (New Brunswick)   %   %
Atlantic   %   %
National   %   %
Other   %   %
Other   %   %
Other   %   %
Not decided yet

2. Is Your Organization planning on providing a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2021?

If yes, please specify the adjustment %  

C. Human Capital Strategies.
1. For each of the Human Capital Strategies below, please check the box that identifies the approach that your organization expects to use within the next 6 months:

Human Capital Strategy
IncreaseDecreaseNo ChangeDelay/DeferN/A
Specific Area(s) Affected
Hours of Work
Use of Short Term Incentive Plans
Use of Long Term Incentive Plans
Leaves of Absence/Sabbaticals
Number of Contractors
Number of Employees
Number of New Grads/Interns
Number of Part-time Employees
Training Budget
Use of Outsourcing
Use of Overtime
Use of Retirees
Other Program, please specify

2. Is your organization undertaking any of the following Pandemic Management Strategies as a result of the COVID Pandemic within the next 6 months?
Pandemic Strategies
Already put measures in placeConsidering to put these measures in placeNot currently considering these measures
Providing employee subsidies to help manage the costs of working remotely (e.g. Wi-Fi, child care, office equipment, etc.)
Increase safety precautions for employees at work, including PPE, protective barriers
Provide strategies to support well-being during pandemic e.g. counselling, check in programs, online social events.
Organizational and Job Restructuring
Use of Lump Sum Payments Instead of Salary Increases
Discretionary Bonuses
Re-adjusting bonus structure to focus on high performers)
Not Replacing All Vacancies
Permanent Staff Layoffs
Temporary Staff Layoffs
Job Sharing
Executive Salaries Rollbacks
Non-Executive Salary Rollbacks
Use of government programs e.g. CEBA, CERB to enable business to operate
Early or Induced Retirement
Induced Voluntary Termination
Increasing Employee Shared Benefits Costs (e.g. retirement)
Decreasing Employee Shared Benefits Costs (e.g. retirement)
Expansion of Sick Leave Policy (e.g. additional paid time off)
Other - please specify

3. If your organization has already had to lay off employees due to the business impact of COVID-19, what percentage of your total workforce has been laid off?

Temporary (Furlough) Permanent
Executive %   Executive %  
Salaried %   Salaried %  
Union %   Union %  

4. What work-from-home model does your organization most closely align with moving forward from COVID-19?

D. Critical HR Issues

Please rank from 1- 10 (1 being the most critical and 10 the least), the most important HR issues that your organization needs to address in the next year.

Human Resource IssuesEg:Ranking
(1 = top priority)
Assess Competency/Skill Gaps1   
Attract Top Talent   
Retain Key Talent3   
Reduce Human Capital Costs   
Shortage of Labour   
Addressing employees mental health issues e.g. EAP's   
Develop/Maintain Competitive Compensation   
Expand Number and Variety of Incentive Plans 7   
Expand Wellness/Fitness Programs   
Increase Safety Standards and Employ Sanitary Measures Around Work Space   
Employee Engagement and Productivity   
Leadership Development   
Long Term Incentive Program Development   
Management Skill Training4   
Review Organization Staffing / Structure   
Performance Management Strategies & Programs2   
Develop Equitable Job Classification Structure   
Increase Availability of Technology and Equipment for Flexible Work Arrangements   
Integrate Virtual Operations into Standard Working Arrangements   
Succession Planning   
Other (specify)   

E. Benefits Policy
Are you contemplating any changes to your retirement programs to address the following? (select all that apply)
In PlacePlannedNot Planned
Auto enrolment provisions
Increase communication/promotion of existing tools (e.g. education and seminars)
On-line retirement planning tools
Independent financial advice to employees
Retirement to withdrawal options (e.g. group life income funds, or payout options)
Other tools to enhance employees’ financial well-being (Please Specify)

What changes are you contemplating in response to the higher CPP contributions? (select all that apply)
Changes already in placeChanges expected in futureNo changes plannedIncreaseDecrease
Changes to retirement plan contributions and/or benefits% %
Changes to cash compensation% %
Changes to other benefit programs (please specify):% %

E. Cannabis Policy
Starting in October 17th, 2018, the Federal Government of Canada has legalized recreational use of cannabis products. At your organization, does this have an impact?
  • Does your Organization have cannabis policy currently in place?

  • Made Revisions to pre-existing drug and/or alcohol policy?

  • Has the policy been clearly communicated to all employee groups?

  • Employee groups required to refrain from recreational cannabis use outside of work hours:

Thank you for your participation.

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